5 key values

Our values are focused on collective interests. They have been the foundation of the group for more than 50 years and are fully integrated in the strategic plan. Defining our values and translating them into social uses and standards as well as their practical implementation was the result of a collaborative effort begun in 2009 in a comprehensive approach called "group culture".


Each one of us plays a part in the success of the group.

We are constantly looking for the best way to contribute to the development of the group.

We respect our commitments to our customers, our partners and to each other.

5 valeurs clés : Engagé
5 valeurs clés : Innovation


We value openness, curiosity and creativity.

We confidently embrace changes to serve the evolution of the group.

We experiment with new practices with pragmatism and a focus on results.


We use our time and our expertise to serve the collective project and a shared ambition. 

We share our know-how, our expertise, our resources, our experience.

We share the successes, and overcome the difficulties together.

We support external projects that match our commitments and our values.

5 valeurs clés : Solidaire
5 valeurs clés : Entreprenant


We encourage initiative and the development of responsibilities serving the collective project.

We support the expression of talents and the development of skills.

We support taking risks in a responsible manner.

We design our growth projects as a long-term commitment based on the sustainable development of the group’s companies.


We pay special attention to the diversity of situations and people.

We provide fair, balanced and adapted responses.

We explain our choices and take responsibility for them, in full transparency.

5 valeurs clés : Equitable
Florence Quentier, Director of human resources, Up Group

Florence Quentier,
Director of human resources, Up group

"Values exist only if they are lived and shared.”

"For 53 years, Up group has built its story based on what we have always believed, the source of our strength: our values. With 3 396 employees, sustained growth, and a presence in 17 countries, it is important for us to all have the same benchmarks. That is why we decided to organize workshops in each country. The aim of these workshops is to enable each one of us to own the values of the Group, values which will only exist if they are lived and shared everywhere and by everyone.
Deployment began in France, Poland, Morocco and Spain, and will continue in the coming months in other countries to enable all our employees to express themselves on our values through real-life everyday situations, thereby strengthening our common culture. The material collected through these workshops will be recapped and shared at the end of the deployment process.”