A model that drives performance

Up group combines economic development and social innovation, a strategy of sustainable performance that is engaging for its customers, its employees, and its partners. Inspired by strong values, Up group's strategy is based on three pillars: 

- strengthening its cooperative model,
- asserting its dynamic innovation,
- accelerating its international presence

An independent group:

Up group is an independent group that belongs to its employees since 1964. Located in France, its parent company, Up (ex-Chèque Déjeuner), is a cooperative, a cooperative and participatory company which is an economic model that guarantees that decisions will promote the sustainability of the company.

Throughout its 50 years of development and geographic expansion, Up group was able to maintain the cooperative values that built its independence.

An atypical system of governance

Cooperative status means resources are pooled, processes are democratic, people can rise to positions of responsibility, and economic initiatives. Employee members are the only shareholders, they participate each year in a General Assembly where they openly discuss and vote on strategic guidelines and Up group accounts.

Up group’s governance is provided by the Board of Directors elected every 4 years by employee-members. This form of participatory governance leads to a long-term strategic vision which is driven by a focus on the future of the employees and the sustainability of the company.