The Up group foundation

The Up group Foundation was established in 1999 under the aegis of the Fondation de France, to support project leaders working to combat all forms of exclusion and discrimination, and who create jobs through social innovation, local and sustainable community development, by promoting the SSE (social and solidarity economy) and democratic governance.
In 16 years, the Foundation has awarded nearly 3.3 million euros in subsidies to 750 entities.

The Foundation first developed its activities in France, and now in all Up group’s countries of operations, for the following areas:

Soutien aux populations vulnérables

Supporting vulnerable populations

Citoyenneté, culture et éducation

Citizenship, culture and education

éveloppement local durable

Sustainable local development

Prévention, nutrition et santé

Prevention, nutrition and health

Aide à la création d'entreprises

Supporting start-ups

Recherche et innovation sociale

Social research and innovation

Développement de la cohésion, du dialogue social et de la gouvernance démocratique

Development of cohesion, social dialog and democratic governance

Promotion de la francophonie

Promoting Francophonie

The Up group Foundation goes global

In order to deploy Up group’s philanthropy policy in all the countries where it is present, the Foundation is speeding up its internationalization process.

Up group is concerned with not leaving anyone on the margins of society in all its host countries, and has therefore gradually expanded the scope of its Foundation, which was originally limited to France.
Thanks to an international partnership agreement signed in 2014 with the French Foreign Ministry and local embassies, the Foundation was able to take action and support projects that combat all forms of exclusion in a growing number of countries. After Romania, Morocco, Turkey, Poland, Mexico, the Czech Republic and Italy, the Foundation has deployed in two new countries in 2016 - Slovakia and Bulgaria - who will be joined in 2017 by Belgium, Spain and Brazil.
By 2018, the Foundation's ambition is to be active in all the Group’s countries as the standard bearer of the Group’s new philanthropy momentum.

At the heart of the SSE

In addition to funds allocated by its Executive Committee, the Up group Foundation develops partnerships in the social and solidarity economy, with:

- entities that act as a relay for the Foundation, in a particular sector, to support co-opted and targeted projects;

- other foundations or players in the SSE to carry out joint activities or participate in calls for projects;

- network organizations, to think and act in the service of civil society.

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