5 strategic programs

Actively committed since its inception, Up group has always affirmed its values and has demonstrated that its responsibility was not limited to making a profit, on the contrary. For Up group, being responsible means combining democratic governance, creation of wealth, well-being at work, close ties to civil society and environmental protection.

The Up 2018 strategic program includes all the CSR policy dimensions through the 5 strategic programs. This engagement is carried at the highest level by the presidency, and is materialized thanks to its 3,400 employees commitment!

Gouvernance program

The originality of Up group is based on its democratic governance model that directly involves employees in their company’s success. Up, the parent company, is a Cooperative and Participatory Society (a French Scop). Its capital is 100% owned by employee-members.

On January 1, 2016, three French subsidiaries were effectively incorporated into the cooperative, raising the Group’s rank to 1st Scop in France in terms of turnover and 2nd in number of members.
This expansion is a first step in the Group’s plan to include a greater number of employees in its shareholders’ capital.

The strategic guideline for 2018 is to bring all of the subsidiaries in France and abroad into this cooperative momentum by deploying the foundational democratic principles of the parent company, the very principles which establish the identity and uniqueness of the Group.

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Economic program

Up group is engaged in a development model with the goal of generating sustained and sustainable growth. In response to technological developments and the development of new uses through digital culture, the Group is committed to proactive innovation that will benefit its clients and beneficiaries.

This approach is based on forward planning, experimentation and sharing, inside and outside the Group. Five markets are key to the strategic challenges for 2018: Employee Benefits, Public and Social Programs, Incentive-Loyalty-Rewards, Business Expenses Management and Merchant Services.

The strategy aims, by 2018, to achieve 10 billion euros in issue volume, including 60% dematerialized and 500 million euros in sales, with 70% of the activity generated outside France.

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Social program

Economic performance, sharing the values of the Group and personal development are the three pillars of Up group’s Human Resources policy. To bolster its strategic ambitions for 2018, the Group makes every effort to ensure equal opportunities for professional development and personal fulfillment at work for everyone.

It is committed to developing the skills of its 3396 employees, to promoting diversity, equal opportunity and to enhancing social dialogue, which is one of its historical markers. In the current context of transformation, the Group is resolved to develop a culture that is common to the whole Group and to support employees and managers with new developments in various professions as well as the deployment of new working methods.

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Societal program

Up group’s societal commitments are played out in its everyday activities, in tune with its environment, alongside its customers, its employees and all its partners. The strategic challenge for 2018 is to formalize a proactive and consistent philanthropy policy which will export the Group’s values through the Foundation, beyond the limits of the company, and fully express its societal mission.

The Group is also working to build long-term relationships with its suppliers through a policy of responsible purchasing, based on the coengagement and consultation of stakeholders.

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Environmental programme

The Group’s activities are mainly in the services sector, and as a result, Up group has a low impact on the environment. Nevertheless, Up group is deeply convinced of the importance of taking action to reduce any such impact. In 2006, the Group became a member of the United Nations Global Compact, which initiated a momentum that has led its subsidiaries to take ownership of this priority by launching certification approaches, measuring their carbon footprint and taking action to reduce it.

In 2016, the Group developed and deployed various innovative tools to systematize and simplify environmental reporting. It has empowered its subsidiaries to engage in a proactive and responsible fight against climate change and all forms of waste, in compliance with the objectives of the strategic plan Up 2018.

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