Vision and strategy

Up group draws its values from a corporate social responsibility model and is investing in a sustainable economy, where the dynamics of innovation and entrepreneurship serve a fairer, more caring, more democratic society. Its aim: connecting people, companies and territories by developing management and transaction platforms that contribute to well-being and performance.

Améliorer le quotidien des individus

Improving people’s daily lives.

Faciliter l’accès aux services à la personne et aux aides sociales. Favoriser l’efficacité des organisations.

Facilitating access to individual services and social aid. Promoting efficiency in organizations.

Observer les avancées technologiques pour anticiper les bouleversements sociétaux.

Technology watch for anticipating social change.

S’engager en faveur d’une consommation plus responsable et plus équitable.

Committing to fairer and more responsible consumption.

Up group combines economic development and social innovation, a strategy of sustainable performance that is engaging for its customers, its employees, and its partners. Inspired by strong values, Up group's strategy is based on three pillars: 

- strengthening its cooperative model;
- asserting its dynamic innovation;
- accelerating its international presence.

A cooperative group

Up group is an independent corporation that has always belonged to its employees. Its parent company, located in France, is a Cooperative (Cooperative and participatory company), an economic model that ensures that the decision-making process promotes the sustainability of the company. 

Although not all the group's subsidiaries follow this model, Up group has chosen to give new impetus to cooperation in France by associating a larger number of employees in the capital of the company as well as its strategic decisions.

After integrating three subsidiaries into the Chèque Déjeuner cooperative, Up is now addressing a new challenge, namely to expand its cooperative project by 2018 to all the other Group companies both in France and worldwide, with a rollout of its five founding principles, the cornerstone of its unique identity… The great ambition is to promote a sustainable and innovative business model in a globalized world.

An innovative group

As concerns its products and services, Up group has rooted its strategy in a dynamic of continuous innovation. In the middle of the ongoing digital revolution, the company is anticipating social mutations by constantly adapting its offer to the pace of technological advances. Its approach is based on three guidelines:

- a participatory measure that allows co-workers to be source of proposals;
- co-developing solutions with the stakeholders in its ecosystem;
- opening up to the outside world by relying on Open Innovation experts. 

Up group is innovating by involving all stakeholders through its business acceleration program, through calls for innovation, co-development projects, or intrapreneurship. The group was one of the first to develop an in-house charter for maintaining good relations with start-ups.


What will Up group look like tomorrow? 

In 2013, profound economic changes resulting from the worldwide crisis impacted the group’s activities. In response, the group undertook a transformation plan that would increase the effectiveness of its market positioning and its economic model, as well as its operations and commitment to the group’s employees. Launched in 2014 and restyled in 2017, the strategic plan Up 2018 should enable it to accelerate the development of the group in anticipation of the profound changes in our environment.

Up group has several ambitions:

- moving from a voucher issuer to a worldwide group designing integrated solutions to meet its various market’s needs;
- being a reference to a different, fairer and more sustainable development model, driven by the Group’s success that naturally reconciles the economic, social and environmental dimensions;
- being the most innovative and meaningful player for all our stakeholders.

To learn more about the development of the cooperative, go to the blog We are Up :
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Catherine Coupet, PDG du groupe Up

Catherine Coupet,
CEO of Up group

"In October 2014, we revisited our strategic plan Up 2018 to expand it with new ambitions. The Group was born as business like no other, and should promote its differences. 

With this strategic plan, our aim is to lead the transformations efficiently in our market positioning, in our economic model, in our organizations and their operations, as well as in the commitments we make to the group’s employees. Our challenge is clear: highlight our model and demonstrate that it benefits everyone... the company, which is more efficient, employees, who are more motivated and confident, but also our customers and our partners, the aim being to create a genuine competitive difference in a purview that nobody can claim apart from us.

By strengthening its cooperative in France, and by deploying its founding principles to all of its subsidiaries worldwide in the medium term, Up group is exporting its model and demonstrating that it is possible to succeed while doing business differently. Our cooperative model is an opportunity and a strength." 


Stéphane Chatelain ,
Administrator, Member of the Commission dedicated to expanding the cooperative

"We are experiencing an important moment in our history. After a long phase of development, the group is facing new challenges.

To deal with this, the group needs to develop a new strategy and implement synergies between subsidiaries, given the fact that our subsidiaries have divergent legal forms, which hinders further development.

That is the challenge of expansion: strengthening our cooperative model by involving a large number of employees, in order to tackle new market demands more effectively.

Members play a central part, which is not limited to just voting. They also have a role to play in integrating and supporting employees in the subsidiaries who, with the merger, will automatically have access to membership.”