Various functions are available to make it easier for you to browse through the site in the most user-friendly way possible: use keyboard shortcuts, adjust the text size to your eyesight, and use the Tab key function to browse without a mouse.

Text size

This website’s text content can be enlarged if needed.

Using the mouse:
Hold down the Ctrl key (in Windows) or the Cmd key (in Mac OS X) and rotate the scroll wheel upwards to increase the text size or downwards to reduce the text size.

Using the keyboard:

The method depends on the web browser you are using. For example:

• with Internet Explorer : open the View menu, then click on Text Size and select the text size you require.
• with Firefox : simultaneously press the Ctrl key and the + key on the keypad to increase the text size, or the Ctrl key and the - key on the keypad to reduce the text size.

Tab key

This key allows you to go from one link to the next without having to use the mouse. To open a link, press Tab until the link is highlighted and press the “Enter” key.

To tab backwards, press the Tab key while holding down the Shift key.

Downloading documents:

The documents available on the website are in PDF format. You will need special software to open this type of file.
You can download this software for free from the Adobe website: