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For 50 years, Up group has always demonstrated a spirit of entrepreneurship and implemented a social dynamic that was ahead of its time:

  • a Works Council set up as early as 1973 despite being below the statutory requirement threshold ;

  • weekly working time shortened to 35 hours without a cut in salary since 1986 ;

  • a proximity management system; an egalitarian redistribution of profit ;

  • a training budget 3 times greater than the legal obligation ;

  • a wage scale of 1 to 10.

Social innovation continues today through new commitments to foster diversity. Beginning in 2011, the group signed an agreement to combat discrimination and promote diversity, a policy quickly strengthened by an ambitious disability policy, by signing an agreement for professional equality, and by an intergenerational group agreement to facilitate age management. 

These elements all contribute to a just and fair wage policy, which contribute to the welfare and professional development of employees.

The group is focused on remaining a standard in the area of social innovation, and sharing its founding principles on a broader scale. Throughout our history, associating employees in the company has been more effective and efficient.

With a surface area of 30,000 m² on 7 levels, Up group’s headquarters in Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine), know as the “Atrium”, provides employees with excellent working conditions while respecting current environmental standards.

The Atrium has been recognized as one of the most innovative buildings and was awarded at the MIPIM Awards 2011.

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