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Florence Quentier

Human resources manager

Florence Quentier Human resources manager

"Before joining Up group, I worked for the CFDT (French Democratic Confederation of Labour) trade union center for 10 years as Employment Law Specialist. I joined Up group in January, 2009. I first held the position of Employment Law Manager for two years before becoming HR Manager.

The goal of the Human Resources policy is to accompany the group's strategy on a social level as well as on an economic level. To do so, the group expects its employees to participate in its development, that they be real players, and that they perpetuate the spirit of working together that was the basis of the Chèque Déjeuner workers' production cooperative (Scop) and its development.

As HR Manager, along with my team, I ensure the recruitment of new employees, their training, the management of their career, and the annual evaluation process. In order to implement these tasks, it is my duty to always be open to listen to employees while I maintain a good view of how the company is organized."

Pascal Yot

Computer support manager

Pascal Yot Computer support manager

"I started at Up group in 1986 in the Production Department as a conditioner. In 1989 my career took a turn when I joined the IT department where I held several positions such as that of IT operator, PC technician, and system administrator. I am currently Support Manager, an advancement that would not have been possible without the internal promotion policy implemented by the group.

My task is to be the link between the technical department and the group's users.

Every day, I follow all of the requests employees make and I accompany them as they use our tools and IT solutions, all while respecting the group's values of solidarity and sharing."

Ahcène Achih

Sales Manager

Ahcène Achih Sales Manager

"I started at Up group in 2001 as a Sales Representative. I then was Regional Manager before becoming Sales Manager in 2009.
What I really like about my job is participating in the development of the sales action plan to motivate the employees and improve the sales representatives' competencies. In addition to my role of manager, I also have to verify the results in relation to the objectives and manage recruitment. Being a good Sales Manager also means knowing how to communicate the group's values internally as well as externally.
Up group provides me with everything I need: A job I find fascinating and in which I can progress in relation to my ambitions. It is nice to be able to work for a company that gives its sales representatives the means to succeed (integration, training, etc.)."

Angela Accaoui

Communication Manager

Angela Accaoui Communication Manager

“After graduating in Communication and Information studies, I began working in an advertising agency. Two years later, I wanted to learn about the advertiser's side of the business, so I joined Up group in 2003, as marketing assistant at the Cadhoc subsidiary. In 2005, I was given the opportunity to join a new subsidiary, Chèque Domicile. The staff gradually became larger, , ambitions grew, marketing activities developed, and the department expanded. At the same time, I was able to take on a management position.
In 2013, after the group was reorganized, I joined the France Marketing Department where I work as Communication Manager for employee benefits – my target is the Human Resources market. My mission consists in developing and implementing the communication plan for human resources services in companies and municipalities. In order for our work to be efficient, it is essential to be well informed about the target. To achieve this, I read the specialized press, perform Internet research, go to human resources trade shows… anything that contributes to my having a relevant approach to the Human Resources market and being an expert in this field.
To me, the qualities required to do this job are life skills and autonomy. Having life skills, because this job, especially internal organization, requires working with other people in other departments, which is why a key quality is the capacity to respect and listen to people. Autonomy, because one of the group’s specific features is to enable its staff to work with significant and welcome independence, freedom and responsibility.”

Catherine Candella

CSR Director

Catherine Candella CSR Director

"After studying chemistry at L’Ecole Européenne des Hautes Etudes des Industries Chimiques de Strasbourg, I continued my studies in a business school to obtain a degree in Quality Management. Then, in 1997, I joined Up group as Quality controller. My mission was expanded to include environmental issues in 2008 and sustainable development in 2010. When I was 40, I went back to school, at Paris Dauphine, for a program dedicated to training Cooperative Company managers. Steeped in the economic, social, societal and environmental constraints that firms have to face, I am in charge of Corporate Societal Responsibility for the group.

My mission first consists in promoting responsible actions already implemented in our subsidiaries. Because there is the word “Responsibility” in the title of my position, my role is to accompany managers in handling the “4 P equation”: Profit, People, Proximity, Planet. Any decision made by a manager has consequences on our profit, on our workers’ and suppliers’ well being and satisfaction, on society and on our planet. Managers need to understand that consequences must be leveraged (positive impact) or taken responsibility for (negative impact). Lastly, my role is to ensure consistency in group governance : well-balanced strategy, fairness in operations, unique and shared visibility.

Under my missions, I drive a CSR roadmap in my team composed of 4 people with skills that complement each other. We are currently working on promoting sustainable development by organizing a project challenge among our employees, and by creating communication material such as guides, posters, stickers... We are deploying carbon assessments internationally, after having implemented these in our French subsidiaries since 2011. We analyze our products’ life cycle to highlight responsible behaviors in the entire value chain. We are working on the establishment of a group-wide solidarity program. To improve our annual CSR report and quantify our objectives, we have initiated a qualitative and quantitative special reporting process. We are also developing a reference table to evaluate the performance of our subsidiaries in terms of societal responsibility. Our goal is to use CSR as a unifying factor.

I like this job because everything is possible and there is no certainty! It is more about creativity and ethics rather than conformity. So it is exciting to study subjects, revise our positions, imagine instruments for guidance and communication … Creating our own CSR reference, often way beyond strictly legal obligations, is a complete challenge."

Claire Sagorin

Legal expert in social rights

Claire Sagorin Legal expert in social rights

"After a Master's degree in law and human resources management, I began my career as a recruitment consultant in a consulting firm. After this experience, I joined the recruitment department of Up group and in 2012, I started working as legal expert in social rights.

My major mission consists in ensuring the legal safety of the group in terms of social rights. I respond to the requests of the different subsidiaries, concerning the legal stewardship of their projects. To do this, I constantly need to update my knowledge through legal monitoring.

My challenge as a legal expert in social rights in a group with such strong values is really exciting because I always have to combine the firm’s interests with those of its employees."

Emmanuel Maufoux

Public affairs and research manager

Emmanuel Maufoux Public affairs and research manager

"I joined the Directorate of External Relations (DIREX - Direction des Relations Extérieures) when it was created in September, 2009, as Public Affairs and Research Manager.

My job is in response to an assessment: We are seeing an increasingly sharp increase in external pressure in a context of crises. The idea is to, within this environment, guarantee the interests of the group by raising the awareness of decision-makers (politicians, administrators, etc.) and by mobilizing our sphere of influence (partners, opinion leaders, etc.). For example, we are required to continue to develop to face new transformations such as dematerialization. My challenge will have been met when, in my head, I consider these crises not as constraints, but as opportunities.

The Up group values with which I identify are "Be" values as opposed to "Have" values, by which I mean the values that are truly unique to us, which we live out every day, which we carry in our mutual DNA, and which we implement above and beyond simple words. In short, the values that allow us to say, 'I say, therefore I am'. And in that respect, a single value speaks for all the others, and that value is Respect for Others."

Géraldine Nicoletti

Executive secretary

Géraldine Nicoletti Executive secretary

"Since I came to Up group in 2004, I have been Executive Assistant in the International Department, and then for the General Management of the International Division. At the same time, I was also Secretary of the Up group Foundation from 2005 to 2010.

My role of Executive Assistant is central in the sense that I am the interface between headquarters and the various Managing Directors and Secondments in our subsidiaries. In addition to my "traditional" tasks as Assistant, I am in charge of integrating newcomers into the Division as well as organizing the team's trips and seminars in our foreign subsidiaries. I play the role of "mother" for them, as it were.

I am a social person, that is what helps me achieve my tasks, since I must always be available and listen to everyone. My autonomy and my organization are also essential strengths to successfully fulfill my role of Assistant."

Hugues de Drouin de Bouville

Legal Expert

Hugues de Drouin de Bouville Legal Expert

"After several work experiences in a law firm and in a online legal forum, I worked for an advertising company as legal expert for four years. I joined the Research Bureau of the Legal and Litigation Department at Up group in 2011.As Legal Expert, my job consists of informing and alerting employees of the existence of legal risks while at the same time proposing solutions to prevent or reduce those risks. As needed, I help them negotiate contracts or when they need to make a decision. I specialize in new information and communication technology.I feel lucky to work at Up group because we share the same values: solidarity and respect for others."

Lova Rasolofoarimanana

Accounting auditor

Lova Rasolofoarimanana Accounting auditor

"After my company management studies in Madagascar, I continued by studying accounting and finances at the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (management graduate school) in Poitiers. I started my career in an audit accounting firm in Madagascar and then integrated the Financial Branch of a subsidiary of the Groupe La Poste as Unique Accountant. I then chose to apply at Up group because I believe in the same values of solidarity and sharing. I therefore joined the group in 2008 as Auditor.

My job entails, in particular, making sure we adhere to standards, accounting and fiscal framework, as well as establishing social accounts and tax returns. I am also the contact person for statutory auditors when the annual accounts are verified."

Mickael Denis

Production department manager

Mickael Denis Production department manager

"I joined Up group in 2001. After having completed a variety of tasks in various departments, I took over the position of Production Controller in 2007 before becoming Department Manager in 2012.

My role consists of directing the department, successfully completing and having my team successfully complete the tasks entrusted to us, as well as controlling and adjusting the various production of vouchers on a daily basis. I also must make sure the stock is well managed.

In order to carry out my job, rigor, anticipation, and the mastering of IT tools are essential strengths.

All these years I have spent in the group have pushed me to run for the Board of Directors in order to have a different approach of the company, be able to participate in the group's broader strategic decisions. As an employee and administrator, I must communicate the group's values internally and externally."

Myriam Mebarek

Social Media Coordinator

Myriam Mebarek Social Media Coordinator

“I started at Up group in 2010 as part of the last year of my Master's sandwich course. My position was Junior Traffic Manager. Following that experience, I was offered the position of Community Manager for the group's Communication & Marketing Division. This position was created due to the new communication package the group put in place, in a world where social networks have become more and more important.
In 2013, I joined the France Marketing Department, in order to develop social networks sales communication, and develop closer ties with our B to B targets. I also help the different brands of the group develop their social media strategy, and specifically the Chèque Déjeuner brand, which is now on Facebook and Twitter.
To me, what’s necessary to lead my mission is having empathy, being open-minded, curious, and also organized.  Managing several platforms and  interacting with several communities means handling several missions at the same time, which is why you really have to be organized!
I really like this job linked with new communication technology. Each new mission is exciting and gives me enriching experiences.”

Rija Rakotoarivony

France Financial Director

Rija Rakotoarivony France Financial Director

"I was working in an international audit firm before I arrived in Up group in 2006. There, I held several financial jobs (auditor, accounts consolidation manager, audit and management control director), and I have been France Financial Director since January of 2013.

The France Financial Department is composed of the Financial Projects unit, Management Control, Accounting, and the financial management of titles. With 55 people working in 4 sites, its aim is to provide strategic information to support decision making. This unit works on continuity of know-how in the financial management of paper or digital titles, and on improving its performance by providing reliable and relevant financial information. My mission is to work in all these areas, serving the development of the group.

Working for Up group also enabled me to join the Financial Investment Committee of the Cooperative Movement. The role of this Committee is to fund the development of cooperative companies. This mission is particularly enriching because it enables me to participate directly in establishing or buying companies in the form of Cooperatives."

Sophie Eang

Training officer

Sophie Eang Training officer

"With a Master's in Social Relations and Negotiations, I started at Up group in 2010 as a student work placement in the Human Resources Department. After that first experience in the field of professional training, the group then offered me a job as Training Assistant. And since 2012, my position has evolved and I have become a Training Officer.

My job is to advise all the employees as to the different measures available to them, to implement training, and ensure it goes well. My challenge is to enrich the competencies of the employees to continue to push the group upwards.

Professional training is a fascinating field, especially within the Up group where training is a major aspect of our HR policy."

Sophie Spartien

Employment and service officer

Sophie Spartien Employment and service officer

"I started at Up group in 2008 as Training Assistant in the Human Resources Department. After spending 3 years in that position, I joined the Employment & Careers Department via internal mobility and thanks to the competencies I had acquired during my professional experience before the group.

My main task is to recruit and manage the careers of employees within the group. Indeed, I participate in such HR projects as GPEC (Provisional Management of Employment and Competencies - Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois et des Compétences), second part of career meetings, etc. HR is experiencing rapid change, and contributing to it is enriching on a daily basis. This job is complete and very interesting due to the variety of the tasks that I am given."

Sylvain Richard

Dematerialization program manager

Sylvain Richard Dematerialization program manager

“My experience in Up group started in 2009 with my end-of-studies internship in the Prague subsidiary. I was then hired as an Operational Assistant to reorganize the Cadhoc customer service department. In 2010, I became AMOA Project Manager to work mainly on reorganizing the Chèque Déjeuner Customer Service and Production Department.
I joined the Optimization, Performance, and Organization Unit in 2012 as Organization Project Manager to develop a comprehensive vision of the group's various subsidiaries.
Then, in 2013, I joined Dematerialization Programs Management. I provide expert advice to support the deployment of large-scale projects.
My role is to steer and coordinate all the people taking part in dematerialization projects, with the aim of meeting clients’ needs. Interpersonal skills and knowledge of this business are essential to performing well in my missions.
It is a real pleasure for me to work in the group, because I appreciate its values, especially respect, solidarity and equity.
If I had to summarize my main challenge, I would say it is  dealing with all the different areas involved in these programs, including technical and operational aspects, sales and marketing, so as to provide expertise in managing projects, processes or organizational aspects, all of which aim to meet innovation needs.”

Virgile Dos Santos


Virgile Dos Santos Treasurer

"After several years' experience as Treasurer, I joined the Up group Financial Department in 2005.

My job is to manage the company's treasury. The most important aspect is that of investing the liquid assets because financial products are an integral part of our economic model. I must also verify, secure, and rationalize the banking flows.

In order to fulfill by job as best I can, I must be rigorous and reactive to make the right decisions. Good interpersonal skills are just as important for this job because I am always in contact with banks and financial establishments.

After 6 years in the group, I wanted to run for director of the Board of Directors in order to make my contribution. It was my way to become an involved player in the company."

Bruno Corian

Financial Controller

Bruno Corian Financial Controller

"After I studied finance, I gained some initial experience in accounting in an American company specializing in medical equipment. Then I joined the financial department of Up group in 2003 as an accountant in Titles accounting.
 In 2005, I was put in charge of managing intra-group accounting flows (equity shares, billing, cash collection). That experience gave me a general view of the group's footprint and enabled me to develop interpersonal skills and rigor. Since 2009, I have been essentially working on consolidated financial statements and on financial control of the subsidiaries in the Titles business (mostly Apologic group and Info DB). One of the objectives is to provide group executives with financial information to support decision making. Team work, listening and rigor are essential qualities to do this job.
 I am lucky to be able to work with all the accounting teams and auditors. Moreover, with the constant evolution of the group, I never feel that I’m doing the same thing! I also appreciate the values of respect and sharing between coworkers, not to mention the exceptional working conditions."

Delphine Ginet

Digital Solutions Production Manager

Delphine Ginet Digital Solutions Production Manager

"I arrived in Up group in 2004, as Production Assistant for Cadhoc. Then I became Service Secretary and later Affiliation and Reimbursement Manager in the Network Department. Today, my occupation is Production Manager for digital solutions on the MoveUp platform.
 My mission is to supervise and control flows (contracts, orders, transactions) between the MoveUp platform and its partners (card industrials, distributors). When an incident is detected, I analyze and qualify it. My role is to steer the resolution of incidents and regularly inform distributors about progress and solutions that could be implemented. I consolidate and follow business indicators to prepare reporting charts used as a guideline for the distributors during meetings. Another part of my task consists in defining and implementing exchange processes with partners, in terms of communication and incident management notably. Lastly, I perform more specific missions as an intermediary between distributors and suppliers for particular requests such as orders with exceptional volume, logo changes, file takeover… I also transmit volume prediction to suppliers in order to anticipate their impact on file processing.
 I love being at the heart of the group's strategic challenge, namely dematerialization. What I prefer in my job is the novelty, the discovery and the variety of missions that enables me to be so versatile. The firm always lets me acquire new skills by giving me opportunities in training and professional development. More than a job, the group has given me a real career!"

Richard Cornelis

Custumer Service Department Manager

Richard Cornelis Custumer Service Department Manager

“After studying law, I started my career in a large travel assistance and insurance agency, in operational positions. I later managed marketing and communication for products in the Health and Social care arena. 
In 2009, I joined Chèque Domicile. My first mission was to provide sales support to social institutions, developing their home-care solutions. In March 2012, I got a job as Customer Service Department Manager, which is my current job. I manage teams and take care of the customer relationship, working with the sales department and support activities.
The quality of service offered to our clients is the most important thing. I’m just like a conductor, who has to make everybody work together in the same direction: the client’s delight. Everything has to be anticipated and organized to satisfy the needs of  Financing Clients, as well as the needs of end client individuals. The qualities which are necessary to succeed in my job are being a good listener, rigor, being very demanding as regards quality, and quick decision making.
The dematerialization of our products and constant improvement of our tools open up new possibilities thereby constantly improving our daily life and that of our clients.
I feel complete compatibility with the group’s values. The idea of working for a major agent of the social and solidarity economy is very motivating. What we do contributes to the daily well-being of individuals: we are extremely proud of it!”

Anna Lašová

Marketing Manager

Anna Lašová Marketing Manager

“I joined integrated the group's Slovak subsidiary in 1999. My job was to manage the sales data base, our affiliate restaurants network, marketing and communication, which boils down to developing sales brochures and other necessary media support, writing articles, conducting satisfaction surveys and choosing advertising presents. My tasks gradually evolved with the development of our subsidiary.   
For the past 12 years my job has been entirely dedicated to marketing and communication. My daily work involves drafting action plans, driving our brand policy, preparing media plans, planning, implementing and analyzing different communication campaigns. I write our PR communication, I study our clients’ needs and expectations. The emergence of new communication channels, specifically the social networks, make my job very interesting and dynamic. Throughout the years, I’ve never done the same thing twice. I’m very proud of my career path, of being, in a way, one of the drivers for the development of our subsidiary. I’m also very proud of being a part of this group.
My main challenge today is to be able to organize my time. I’m very busy with our subsidiary's 20th anniversary and the recent acquisition of one of our Slovak competitors.
In my view, the qualities necessary to do my job is having a solid general education, being open-minded, appreciating what’s new, being dynamic and responsive, knowing how to organize and listen, analyze, synthesize and sometimes put things in perspective. 
I like the social policy of the group very much. What I appreciate most working here is the diversity of cultures we can find, freedom of speech and the company’s stability."

Nathalie Kaupp

Optimization, Performances and Organization Unit Manager

Nathalie Kaupp Optimization, Performances and Organization Unit Manager

“After I acquired experience working in smaller software companies for 10 years, I joined the group in 1999, more specifically the Rev&Sens subsidiary, as a commercial secretary, then as management assistant. In 2002, I became Voucher Processing Manager. We integrated the Cadhoc vouchers redemption activities, then all the subsidiaries’ assets, and then reengineered the department as well as the tools we use . I loved leading these projects, which is why I became transversal project manager for Chèque Déjeuner in 2009, then moving to my current job, Optimization, Performances and Organization Unit Manager. 

This unit works in two areas: process optimization, via audits, recommendations follow-up and if necessary providing implementation support, and transversal programs such as revamping information systems (CRM, dematerialization…).In this capacity, the unit is the project ownership representative and represents the métiers involved in the process. The unit also works on process standardization in the subsidiary and takes part in leading change.

To carry out these missions, it is necessary of course to anticipate, but we must also be rigorous and have strong interpersonal skills, as we work with all the other units, subsidiaries and external suppliers. 
The main challenge today is the major shifts linked to dematerialization and all the changes this involves (jobs, tools, career paths, internal or external habits…)
My job allows me to work on very diverse assignments, which is a perfect fit with the way I work personally. 
In my view, you can only work in the group if you share its values. I personally am very attached to the company's values of solidarity and sharing. The group is like a family to me.”

Oana Ciobanu

HR Manager

Oana Ciobanu HR Manager

“After acquiring a great deal of experience in psychology, human resources and training, I joined the group’s Rumanian subsidiary in 2009 as a Human Resources Specialist. One year later, I was able to take on a new position: Human Resources Processes Manager. Now, I plan and implement Human Resources policy. I manage the payroll and personnel management team, and I’m in charge of recruiting, training, career planning, employee motivation and work-life balance.
It is part of my job to implement approaches that will develop performance, improve the working atmosphere, and I must also be able to advise  our employees. To do this, you have to have the capacity to connect with people, to know how to listen to your coworkers, and to be empathic.
In the near future, the biggest challenge to me will be the dematerialization project. I will have to search for the necessary skill sets, create training plans, and maybe hire people.
I agree with all the group’s values. Everything that is done here is dedicated to people and to innovation. I like the idea of a social and solidarity-based economy, which is respectful of individuals and the environment.”

Renald Hochart

Chargé d'affaires

Renald Hochart Chargé d'affaires

”After I acquired experience as a sales representative in software, I joined the group in 2009, specifically its Apologic subsidiary. Apologic offers solutions to assistance services and health care providers.
I work as a sales representative, so I have varied missions which include, among others: customer support, developing trust-based relationships, advising clients and directing them to offers that best match their needs, ensuring quality follow-up for solutions they choose, not to mention canvassing clients.
Clients are essentially private entities or non-profit organization that have very different needs. That is why I have to know a lot about them so as to adapt our offers to ensure the best possible fit. I suggest software that is able to manage their organization from A to Z, i.e. planning, personnel clocking, payroll, invoice management and accounting … and so on. The most important thing is to be available and active with respect to client demands.
I believe that doing this job well requires good interpersonal skills, good listening skills, making proposals and demonstrating persuasiveness, while always being responsive. A customer relationship cannot be built through misunderstandings, it is based on honesty. What we say must be believable, sincere and we have to know everything about our solutions. I will add patience, because we often need to negotiate and meet several times before signing a contract.
What I like best about working for the group is that I find here the strong social and solidarity-based values that I am attached to. The trust and autonomy which the group gives us, the dynamic and pleasant atmosphere in the company give us the best possible conditions for work.” 

Ludovic Lassalle

Sales Director

Ludovic Lassalle Sales Director

"After 5 years in an IT Services company, I joined Info DB, a group subsidiary since 2006. First, I worked as a computer specialist. Then I became Project Manager, Team Manager, Sales Agent, and I have been Sales Director since 2012. My missions consist in defining the products and services supply with the management committee, preparing sales proposals and managing sales activities. Today, an important part of my activity is dedicated to replying to invitations to tender, and negotiating maintenance contracts for our products.
 Thanks to computer skills and experiences in different jobs, I can take advantage of a birds-eye view of the business to propose relevant solutions for our clients. Moreover, working in Up group gives me the opportunity to exchange regularly with colleagues in different subsidiaries. This experience-sharing enables us to think big, improve and expand our offer."

Winifrey Caudron

Internal Audit, Internal Control and Risk Management Director.

Winifrey Caudron Internal Audit, Internal Control and Risk Management Director.

"After studying accounting, I started my career working in financial audit and management control, before I joined Up group in 2006 as an internal auditor. In 2008, I was appointed Financial Control and Consolidation Manager. Since 2013, after the creation of the Holding Functions, I have been Internal Audit, Internal Control and Risk Management Director.
 The role of Internal Control is to ensure the safety and performance of processes by identifying risks and providing mastering solutions. Implemented by the staff at any level, it enables the following :
- Providing reasonable assurance concerning the achievement of the firm’s objectives in terms of operations optimization. 
- Making financial information reliable
- Being compliant with regulations
- Securing assets.
In this context, my mission consists in :
- Guiding employees in their business-related risk analysis, planning their operation to remediate and control these risks
- Accompanying Internal Control Correspondents (our correspondents in every subsidiaries) in order to promote and drive the internal control mechanism. 
Internal Auditing periodically evaluates the level of operations mastering, implemented by operational employees. It also provides some advice in the form of recommendations for improvement.
Contributing to the group’s challenges in its current growing context, tackling new subjects, imagining solutions … this is what I like the most in my job ! Last point, this profession is really enriching because it permits me to work with colleagues from everywhere in the group. "

Charlotte Buisson

Marketing manager for the development of new products

Charlotte Buisson Marketing manager for the development of new products

After I first studied  marketing and sales, I graduated from Sup de Pub, a school specialized in advertising. Then I started working as a Product Manager before becoming a Marketing and Communication Manager, and in 2007 I joined Up group in its Marketing and Communication department. Afterwards, I worked  for the German subsidiary and since 2001, I have been working in Bologna for Day. I manage the development of new products.

My mission consists in participating in the development of Cadhoc and Welfare titles in Italia, by developing communication material for these products (website, mailing, advertisement, leaflets…), and by working with sales agents to expand the network. I’m also the intermediary who connects Italian clients to the rest of the group worldwide. 

To do this job, it is necessary to be versatile and to have a good overview of the company's businesses. Moreover, working abroad requires a good capacity to adapt to other cultures or other types of organization. But, it is precisely this diversity that I enjoy the most: each new experience opens-the mind further and is a real personal enrichment. Working abroad in the group is like being part of a large family in which everybody has experienced the same difficulties, which enables mutual assistance and a quick understanding of issues.  More generally in Up group, it is worthwhile investing a lot into one’s mission because the work of each member pursues the same goal: the development and progress of the co-operative.

Sergio Benini

IT Manager

Sergio Benini IT Manager

After I finished my studies in Accounting with a specialty in computing, I worked for 2 years as a developer, then in an IT department for 9 years.

I joined Day in 1998 and am still in the same position, namely IT Manager. The position has remained the same, but the work has changed a great deal as the company has grown. I chose Day because I was looking for better working conditions and more responsibility. I liked Day because it is a dynamic company, and working for this company would enable me to grow professionally.

My job is to make sure that the company’s IT structure is working properly, and also to support the company’s business strategy by creating the IT tools that keep it in sync with innovation and even in the vanguard.

I work alone in my office but I manage a 6-person team that mainly handles the development of software running with AS/400 technology, containing all of Day’s business data.
Our main challenge today is to manage the large amount of projects we are in charge of, and to successfully complete them in the allotted timeframe.

Up group’s acquisition of Day has been very beneficial because the group is international in scope, and its ambition is to grow and develop worldwide. The diversity of countries of operation allows us to pool knowledge that is present in the whole group and to be more competitive. The group is also very attentive to the welfare of its employees, and implements projects that makes cooperation between employees easier, and constantly improves working conditions.

Vincenzo Guercio

In Charge of Planning, Control and Production

Vincenzo Guercio In Charge of Planning, Control and Production

At the end of my studies in economics, I joined an Italian fast food chain as an assistant management controller. I then worked in another international fast-food chain, then in a start-up as a management controller and administrative coordinator (still in the fast food industry to develop a take-out pizza chain).

I joined Day in 2000 as head of management control. I was essentially handling management and accounting. As of 2009, I was also in charge of a more operational aspect relating to voucher production. At the present time, I am in charge of Planning Control and Production.

Every day I handle management accounts, budgets, I draft directional reporting, I analyze our competitors’ financial statements. I also participate in defining the strategy of the Services Center’s activities (Production and Redemption), and I control the allocation of costs.
I work on my own but also in a team with 4 employees for management control and 5 for the production part of my job.

Our main challenge today is to set ourselves apart from the competition. The Italian meal voucher market is more competitive than ever.

I love all the aspects of my job, both the management control part which is more focused on analytics, and the production aspect, which is more operational and dynamic.
These tasks require strong analytical skills that include thinking about all current economic issues and anticipating the market situation.

Day brought me the professional growth I was hoping for. Ever since we became a subsidiary of Up group, I feel I am part of an international group that is capable of combining growth, solidarity and cooperative values, which pleases me very much.

Cristina Cercos

Regional Director

Cristina Cercos Regional Director

Before working for Si Vale, I worked in the marketing department at Abaco Casa de Bolsa. At the end of my career as a marketer, I joined Si Vale in November 1998. Joining Si Vale was for me an opportunity to be involved in new projects that would help me to grow both professionally and personally.

At Si Vale, I first worked in affiliation sales, then voucher sales, after which I was able to develop into sales Coordinator at Headquarters. After that I managed branch openings, I ran one of the branches, and then the area in which the branch was located. I managed 6 States [Mexico is divided into States like the United States, Editor's note]. Lastly, I was promoted four months ago to the Regional Directorate.

I am currently handling two regions, the Center and South regions representing 10 States in total. I work with a team of 37 people whom I totally trust, and we also work as a team with the other regions.
We are presently hard at work on a public contracts program and a partnership with Volkswagen and Michelin. Our greatest challenge today is to make sure that our offers are always better than the competition’s, so as to achieve our goals. We see to it that we do not end up in a price war with the competition.

Our approach is comprehensive, because our aim is to develop our offer on the entire South American continent. Ever since Si Vale has become the Up Group, we have greater financial strength and our company has been able to further consolidate.

I feel very fortunate to belong to Si Vale and the Up Group. My goal is to continue to develop within the Group, which I thank for its confidence in me.

José Alberto de Medina

In Charge of SRC

José Alberto de Medina In Charge of SRC

Before joining Si Vale, I worked in a bank transaction company, PROSA. I then chose to work at Si Vale because this company offered me the best professional and economic opportunities.

I joined Si Vale on August 15, 2010. I began as a Product Manager, then moved to the position of Customer Service Manager.

Every day I make sure that all the customer management departments are working smoothly. Customer satisfaction must be as the highest possible level.
I manage a team of 27 people whose job it is to provide excellent customer service at all times.
We are gradually working on automating technological tools management, on implementing processes to solve problems/questions that our clients face. We try to simplify procedures.

Teamwork, knowledge of the technological tools, and training and managing teams are essential elements for achieving our goals.

Since Up group acquired Si Vale, employee well-being has increased significantly, internal processes have improved and so has customer service. Sales have increased and the values of collaborative work are more marked.

José Luis Castillo Barragan

In Charge of Electronic Products

José Luis Castillo Barragan In Charge of Electronic Products

I worked for Scotiabank Inverlat for 15 years as a reception officer in the beginning, then as Director of innovation and development of new banking products. I joined Si Vale in October 2000. I was attracted to working on a new innovative project that would enable Si Vale to stand out in the market with a unique product. At the present time, I am in charge of payment methods.

My main tasks are coordinating production, generating and accrediting every electronic product. My team and I are always looking for automation and innovation.

We find solutions to support sales and after sales services, with the goal of quicker and better responses to customer needs.

Our main goal this year is to migrate all our products to a new transaction platform.

We are always looking for excellence in our department, I am very involved in my work and my team, I try to optimize resources and respond to the needs of the market.

Since Si Vale has become part of Up group, employee attitudes have improved because they know that they are now working for a major international group. Knowing that despite the distance the group always responds to our needs, enabling us to remain the leader in our market, places us in excellent working conditions that guarantee our success.

Pablo V Finseca Rincon

Distribution Manager

Pablo V Finseca Rincon Distribution Manager

Prior to joining Si Vale, I worked for the Videovisa group, where I was in charge of managing store openings and control.

I then joined Si Vale because the company was new and was gradually becoming the leader in its market. For me, this was a real opportunity for growth and professional development.

I began as a securities analyst, then had the opportunity to lead the Paper and electronic vouchers distribution department. At the present time, I manage distribution and mailing services for paper and electronic vouchers.

My job is administering inputs and resources for the distribution and mailing department. I plan the logistics and distribution of shipments. I also develop various projects such as, for instance, customized cards. Lastly, I audit inventories and work on cost reduction.

I work with a team of fourteen people (coordinators, project managers and analysts), divided between paper and electronic vouchers.
We care about the satisfaction of our customers. This is why we work hard to provide an excellent service.

My team and I have two major projects: first, to reduce delivery time for paper and electronic voucher orders; and secondly, reorganizing the department. The goal for the latter is to offer a one-stop-shop tool that would enable our customers to monitor every step (from ordering to delivery) from their account on our web site.

Communicating and coordinating with the various departments in the company are my main challenges. Our projects involve employees from different departments, which is why it is important to maintain smooth interaction.

Companies must not lose sight of the fact that employees, through their work, enable them to succeed. It is important therefore to involve employees in the company’s decisions.

Since Si Vale has become part of Up group, internal communication has improved. The group is involved in its employees’ professional development (courses, conventions, French language courses...). People are now the core concern of the company.

Edgar Cruz

Cashflow Manager

Edgar Cruz Cashflow Manager

With a Master’s degree in financial engineering specializing in international finance, I started my career in cash management, national and international banking operations and transactions, staff management and also foreign exchange transactions at Bancomex.

I started working at Si Vale in December 2002, because this job meant a real opportunity of development and personal growth.
My position today is Cash Manager.

On a daily basis, I manage financial transactions and operations with domestic and international banks. I also manage a whole team.

My main mission is to ensure smooth cash flow in the company, and that funds are well invested in financial institutions with the highest return possible.

I'm working on several projects, including managing our clients’ deposits in Si Vale accounts, setting up a completely automated process for banking information feedback and to offer our customers voucher certification on the same day, for diverse transactional availability schedules. My team is managed in such a way as to always seek to further develop our tools.

I consider good communication in my team to be essential in order for the team to work well.

The way I work can be summed up in 3 points:

  • continuity;
  • employee satisfaction, which increases motivation and therefore productivity;
  • improving the tools necessary to complete our daily missions.

My role is to make the cash flow department a value generator for the business. My goal is to provide reliable cash flow forecasts for optimal liquidities management. My responsibility is to develop hedging strategies, which have become very important given our trade in other currencies.
I also work on implementing and maintaining an automated technological infrastructure that is centralized and integrated with the cash process.

I see Si Vale, and more broadly Up group as a global company that cares for its employees and offers them the best possible working conditions, while providing satisfaction, motivation and productivity. Si Vale is a business in which there is no discrimination and where equality between individuals is the rule.

Ivonne Trejo

Call-center Operator - Cardholders

Ivonne Trejo Call-center Operator - Cardholders

I studied tourism business administration at the University before becoming a receptionist. Because I have a physical disability, I worked at the Telethon headquarters for six months. I was then given the opportunity, via the Telethon, to work at Si Vale. Since August 4, 2014, I have been working as a call center operator for card holder customer service.

My mission is to ensure that customers who call with a problem or who need something receive a rapid and reliable response. We work alone or sometimes in small team to anwer emails and chats.
I am intent on providing customers with the best possible quality of response, and I want to be an example to my colleagues. I love what I do, and I would like to evolve within Si Vale. With this goal in mind, I am participating in the innovation competition which is taking place at this very moment in the company. I would also like to learn more about other departments.

I always felt very welcome from the outset in this company with its friendly atmosphere. Despite my handicap, I fit into the team very easily. It really feels good to feel that people trust you, and that the others are there for you if you have the slightest hesitation about something. I was very lucky to be able to join Si Vale and Up group.

Mario Machado

Field Sales Force

Mario Machado Field Sales Force

I was already working as a Sales officer before joining Up Portugal in March 2011.
I chose to join this company because when I saw the ad, I felt that the solutions offered by the company improved people’s lives and I really liked that social aspect.
I am now a field Sales officer, and in parallel to my work I am taking evening courses at the University, I’m in my second year of business management.

On a daily basis I prospect new customers, I call them and meet with them and provide support throughout their purchasing procedure. I am in the office on Mondays and Fridays, and on the ground the other days, which allows me to be in contact with the sales team at the beginning and at the end of the week, and be completely dedicated to customers the rest of the time.

The most important aspect of my mission is supporting the customer. I have to be able to guide him and help him make choices among the solutions that we offer, to make sure that we are meeting his needs as accurately as possible. I also have the responsibility of negotiating contracts with them.

The thing I truly enjoy in working at Up group is the warm atmosphere and the social values found there. When you work for the group, you have the impression you are part of a big family.

Patricia Torres

Sales Manager

Patricia Torres Sales Manager

Prior to my arrival at Si Vale, I worked at PROSA, a banking switch service. I started out working for 5 years in the financial department, then for 4 years in the sales department.

I chose to join Si Vale, because taking part in this company’s development was a real professional opportunity for me. I started in the “Projects” Department for eight months, and then our Senior Management invited me to become Project lead for the “Monex” project in our new Sales Department that was growing very fast.

When Si Vale was acquired by Up group, I became Deputy Business Manager. My responsibilities covered membership, the control commission, customer service and telemarketing (very recent department that has achieved remarkable results).

This year (2015), Si Vale recently demonstrated its confidence in me by awarding me the position of Sales Manager. My role is to coordinate sales teams at the national level and to develop team-building and trust, thanks to which we will achieve the objectives set for 2018.

During these 5 years, my relationship with the entire company was cordial, which allowed me to help my team in its day-to-day work, streamline decision-making and manage the business in such a way as to provide optimum handling of customer needs. I see myself as a farsighted person in whom one can place one’s trust. At the same time, I have not forgotten to be objective and demanding.  

Since we have become part of Up group, we have been working in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We feel committed and are determined to get the best results.

Anna Slavíková


Anna Slavíková Accountant

In 2008, I took on the challenge. I had the honor of joining Chèque Déjeuner RT, one of the worldwide leaders in prepaid business services. I held the position of Customer Service Assistant. After completing vocational training, I also started contributing to the good reputation and commercial success of our company.

I was put in charge of communication with clients and beneficiaries, updating and managing customer databases and dunning processes for payment arrears. I also provided support to the sales team. As someone who has always been passionate about communication, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the development of good relations with Czech customers.

After four years in customer service and with results being good, I had the opportunity to join the accounting department as a Credit Controller in 2012. I handled outstanding payment issues.

Although communication with clients is not always the most pleasant nor easy, I think that little by little, I manage to do a good job in this area, as evidenced by the reduction in the number of outstanding payments and the amounts owed.

Many factors contribute to this outcome, starting with my systematic approach, great support from the sales team, my ability to communicate in crisis situations and my analytical mindset.

I can tell you today that Up Czech Republic has always enabled me to pursue my professional dreams, and has been for me a daily source of personal and professional development.

Dana Beres

Management Controller

Dana Beres Management Controller

In 2003, after completing my studies at the Academy of Economic Studies, I chose to work in group Up’s sales department. For two years I also worked in the Production and Redemption Department and then I joined the Financial Department as an economist.

My studies, my experience and my training enable me to handle the tasks I have been entrusted with since 2012, as a management controller.

Budget planning, monitoring and analyzing economic performance, identifying problems and their solutions as well as creating a control system, these are some of the daily challenges I must deal with.

My work is very comprehensive, interesting and allows me to communicate actively with all my colleagues in other departments of the company.

Jitka Flessnerová

Production coordinator

Jitka Flessnerová Production coordinator

I came to Up Group, more precisely its Czech subsidiary, in the fall of 2008, as production coordinator. Although I am still in this position, my missions have changed over time and the business environment has evolved. Initially, I was responsible for only production and shipping. Over time, my skills expanded to the Voucher Reading Department.

I enjoy my job because it entails a variety of responsibilities. I can even say that I don’t know what the next day will bring me professionally.

My role includes the following tasks:

- Handle organization and planning issues within the departments of production, shipping and voucher reading
- Prepare the design and orders for voucher templates for all the Group’s subsidiaries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Morocco, Spain)
- Order and track the consumption of production materials
- Negotiate with suppliers
- Ensure and control quality

In my opinion, in order to handle this position, you have to want to implement new things, be a dynamic person with decision-making abilities, and have a knack for organization. I will add, lastly, the need for good interpersonal skills, which proved to be the most important factor in my work.

Karel Rehák

Regional Director, Moravia

Karel Rehák Regional Director, Moravia

Since I came to work at Chèque Déjeuner in April 2000, as a sales officer in Brno, I have also held the position of Deputy Regional Director. In 2005, I was promoted to the position of Regional Director. My role is to lead the team of 6 sales officers in the region of Moravia.

As part of my managerial responsibilities, I handle human resources and the recruitment of new sales agents, their training and their activities on the ground. I am also responsible for the results of the entire team and the objectives.

It is a job which appeals to me because I like being in contact and interacting with people, not only customers but also with my team, both in the field and in the office. I help my team to find the appropriate solutions for the concerns and the problems it faces daily in its work.

It is always very gratifying for me when we are able to accomplish our goals and my colleagues are happy personally and succeed professionally.

Ligia Dobre

Production Technician Manager

Ligia Dobre Production Technician Manager

I always wanted to work in a company where I could practice speaking French. After I finished my studies (partly in France), I applied for a job at Up Romania. The interview was conducted in French, and I was selected. I was very happy to have such trust placed in me, being freshly out of school.
There is a very good atmosphere in the team, they welcomed me warmly.

There is a strong feeling of trust both between colleagues and with senior management. We have good moments together, which strengthens our team bonding and makes our work more effective. All of this encourages me every day to continue to move forward within Up Romania.

My daily challenge is maintaining the quality of the finished product and messaging services, efficiency and simplification of methods and working conditions, preservation and development of cohesiveness in my team and harmonious interaction with other departments.

I consider myself to be privileged, because working in this business allows me to increase my professional and personal experience in a positive way. I was able to develop my skills in the area of printing, managing, packaging and distributing prepaid vouchers, thanks largely to training given to me by the company.
I like the unknown and challenges, the feeling you get when you’ve stretched your limits. I love sharing my ideas and encouraging people to create beautiful things together.

We are all unique, accountable and versatile, and we stand together. These values are not inherited or acquired, they are in each of us, and Up has enabled us to reveal them.

We treasure these values of solidarity, hospitality and mutual aid, and we give them life in our daily actions.

Thanks to my meetings with our colleagues from other group Up subsidiaries, I have seen that we are all working for performance, solidarity and the promotion of these values.

Oliver Birjaru

Director of the Affiliation Area

Oliver Birjaru Director of the Affiliation Area

I started at Up Romania in 2005. I was already working in the company Bon appétit until it was acquired by group Up. The impact of the Group and its expertise encouraged me to continue on this path.

I started out in this great family, as I like to call it, as a reading operator and, like a child growing up, I developed my skills over time. Thanks to the fact that Up Romania invested in my training, I was able to evolve in different capacities: I became a production operator, was then given the responsibility of customizing vouchers, and invoicing.

In 2007, I accepted a position in the Customer Relations Department as Call Center operator for one of the most important areas: the Southeastern part of Romania.

Starting in 2009, I joined the sales team of the Affiliation Department as Manager of the Affiliation Area with the aim of developing B2B projects with our affiliates, working on expanding our network of affiliates and on Up Romania partner retention. At the present time, I am in charge of coordinating the “Increase affiliate satisfaction” team, which is in charge of promoting Up vouchers among users and developing new services.

It is my duty to develop a relationship based on lasting confidence between Up Romania and our partners. My mission, both in my team and within the company as a whole, is to market and promote the advertising spaces we offer. As a consequence, my daily challenge is to find new solutions and offer quality services to affiliated merchants. By always keeping in mind Up partners’ needs and expectations, it is possible to meet customer expectations.

My perseverance, my optimism and my positive attitude help me every day in my missions. I think that by getting deeply involved in your daily work, you can develop your skills and achieve a good level of professional and personal satisfaction.

Alex Mandai

Head of the SME Client Counseling Office

Alex Mandai Head of the SME Client Counseling Office

I started at Chèque Déjeuner Romania eight years ago. I was going through a difficult period where I was trying to discover what I wanted to achieve professionally.
I first tried to set up my own business, unsuccessfully. Then I went back to school to study computer science with the aim of becoming a programmer. I realized that I didn’t like this and finally realized that I needed to acquire some experience in a large growing business.
I got an interview at Chèque Déjeuner and was convinced that this was an opportunity for me. I joined the company as a customer service agent.

When I started, I met colleagues who were young and very welcoming. I found a wonderful team that immediately helped me to fit in, and with which I wanted to pursue the adventure.

In addition, I learned many things from the team that I have been coordinating for 3 years. I love working with people and I am pleased to have this opportunity. During these eight years in the company, I had the opportunity to meet exceptional people who have inspired me. We have become friends and enjoy working together every day.
Group Up has played a very important role in my professional and personal development.
I learned to be responsible, to adapt to change and constantly seek to improve.

My mission is to help the people I’m in charge of coordinating to develop and achieve their goals while maintaining a good work/life balance.
With regard to the company, my role is to defend and promote the values of Up Romania: responsibility, adaptability, solidarity and entrepreneurial spirit. In my view, being open to change and focused on innovation means building a serene future for the group.

Thanks to the successful work done by our teams, Up Romania can support the development of group Up. We can thank the group for its confidence and say that we are proud to belong to a company that has an international dimension. We are ready for new challenges and personally, I am ready to offer my full support to team Up in our journey to success.

Chiara Vivarelli

Head of Affiliate Services Development

Chiara Vivarelli Head of Affiliate Services Development

With a degree in Business Administration, I first worked in the marketing department of a certification company in Bologna. I came to work at Day in November 2007.

I am currently working as a Manager for Affiliates Services Development.
Affiliates are very important to Day and we are committed to providing all the services they need in connection with meal vouchers. Our goal is for them to be satisfied with our services.

The most important thing for me in my work is communication between employees. I love working in an open-space with other colleagues. We don’t exactly have the same missions, but we share information in order to optimize our work for the objectives of the company.

Collaboration between colleagues, good relationships with the hierarchy and the international context of the group make for very pleasant, interesting and rewarding days at work. I am also an elected official in the CIE (Inter-company Committee that includes different countries where the group operates) and it is a real pleasure for me to meet colleagues from other countries and to exchange with them.  

What I appreciate the most is the cooperative spirit of the group, its benevolence and its transparency towards its employees who can participate in decision-making and have a good overall view of their company’s business.

Ivan Palero

Quality and Purchasing Manager

Ivan Palero Quality and Purchasing Manager

I joined the Chèque Gourmet family in October 1996: the company was looking for a messenger to distribute orders to customers. Personally, this allowed me to pursue my studies in history and geography at the Complutense University of Madrid, from which I graduated with a Licenciatura (equivalent to a Master) in 1998.

As I had already previously worked in distribution and logistics for small businesses, it was easy for me to fit in with the Production Department, as well as at Chèque Gourmet, which, at the time, employed 15 people at most, a real family. With the arrival of the new millennium and favorable legislation for the business, and especially for meal vouchers, Chèque Gourmet experienced major growth which led to implementing the complete manufacturing process within the company, something I was lucky to play a part in including training at Headquarters, which was still at Gennevilliers at the time. In parallel with this development, I nevertheless continued to train to become an expert in human resources management at the National On-Line Education University in 2003.

The management of the company, wishing to benefit from my knowledge and my experience then entrusted me with the Redemption Department which was part of the Production department. This Department is in charge of handling all the vouchers that are sent to the company by institutions and users. This was a prosperous period for us, for Chèque Déjeuner, the product portfolio increased, the volume of work was considerable, legislation followed and we gradually adapted to the new period and its technologies.

Christmas 2013, a change in the legislation turned everything upside down in the office, this was a difficult period, all the company’s employees when they came to work during much of 2014 were extremely tense, we were never sure we would be able to come back the next day. This tension was offset by everyone’s professionalism, both those who stayed in the boat and those who unfortunately had to leave it.

Once again, the company decided to trust me and to rely on my experience, my knowledge and my training, and in February 2015 I left the Production Department where I had worked for 18 years and 5 months, and moved directly to the Executive Management offices, becoming head of the Department in charge of Quality and Procurement. This was new for me, after having managed a team of 20 people (depending on the season). For years I found myself working alone, I no longer heard the noise of the machines nearby, but the nature of the job was not unknown to me since I had been in charge of developing part of the Quality Manual prior to the first audits in the year 2000, and its amendments as well as managing procurement within the Redemption Department.

The main objective of the Quality Department was clear and precise, we had one and a half months to handle our first challenge, namely renew the Quality and Social Responsibility Certifications ISO 9001: 2008 and SR10. It was a success through and through, a huge source of personal satisfaction for me.

The challenges we set for ourselves at the Quality and Procurement Department are not easy, there is a reason why we are the most important department, every employee is linked to the Quality and Procurement Department, we manage from our offices as best we can so that Up Spain is able to work as a whole entity and not as four or five independent companies. And this responsibility in terms of management and challenges is always implemented with respect to our two main guidelines:

  • Quality, with new changes planned in the short term for ISO 9001 certification and its new requirements: develop an approach based on risks and processes; provide flexibility and a more efficient traceability system. This means we will have to further examine the issues of risk management and the re-direction towards management by processes.
  • Procurement, for which we need to acquire a flexible system in terms of internal procedures that would avoid any funnels in any given department and would require minimum supervision. As concerns the external interest group, i.e. our suppliers, we will remain loyal to our Code of Ethics of behavior, always looking for the best product choice from those who are helping us to implement a social economy.

And so in almost 20 years, the company has changed not only its name, but its attitude as well, by creating a pathway that makes it possible to enjoy nice career development while always valuing the experience of people, who are the cornerstone of the sustainability and growth of a model which is unique in the industry. We are not just another company, we are the Up Spain family.

Monica Torre Alonso

HR and General Services Manager

Monica Torre Alonso HR and General Services Manager

In addition to my diplomatura (equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree) in human resources management from the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, in 2001, together with a DEUG degree in aesthetics and technology from the University of Paris VIII in 1996, I also earned a licenciatura (Master equivalent) in history and geography from the University of Oviedo in 1995.

Before joining Up, my career was as follows:

From 1998 to 2000, I worked as Assistant Project Manager at JRC, an organization belonging to the European Commission which is headquartered in Italy.

Between 2000 and 2009, I worked as an Assistant to the human resources department and as human resources technician for a multinational French company, STEF, operating in the field of logistics and transport.
I joined Up Spain on May 7, 2009, motivated by several factors. First of all, the reliability and prestige of group Up, then the attractiveness of the position that was offered to me and which allowed me to develop professionally, and lastly the philosophy of the group which is focused on the social aspect.

At Up Spain, I started to work as an Assistant to Executive Management and head of General Services, but very quickly I was also given responsibility of coordinating various projects, so naturally I leaned towards projects that were related to the development of human resources. In 2013, the Department of human resources was created, (the personnel management part was previously under the authority of the DAF), and I was entrusted with the responsibility, which I accepted, while keeping, on the other hand, responsibility for General Services.

At the present time, I am in charge of human resources and general services. This Department is also in charge of a mission to assist Executive Management, which is an extremely interesting and rewarding task.

Currently there are three people in the team, but human resources and general services are departments that allow one to work and be in contact daily and continuously with all of the employees.

In my view, my main responsibility is to ensure that all staff at Up Spain feels this is the best place to develop their career and adapt it to the needs of society, so as to achieve common objectives.

My job allows me to devote myself to different projects. The latest were the following:

  • Implementing a system of self-controlled timing allowing employees to achieve a better balance between work and personal life,
  • Renovating and analyzing the gender equality plan,
  • Implementing CSR-related actions aimed to involve and motivate all employees to be socially more responsible.

One of our major challenges for the future is to adapt and implement the GPEC group project in the subsidiary and support it with a training plan that helps people to thrive in their work.
The greatest challenge, the most difficult but also the most motivating in terms of human resources, is knowing how to listen, to detect difficulties but especially the needs, desires and potential of each employee, to encourage him or her and adjust his or her situation to the current needs of the company and the changes that are to be implemented. Supporting the strategy without forgetting that every person who works at Up Spain is valuable in his/her uniqueness.

Ever since Up Spain joined group Up in 2008, the company has changed. On the one hand, group Up brought us security, support and the pride of belonging to a major international group. But it has also brought us a different vision of how to manage certain things, like the ability to share experiences and pooling synergies in many projects. Furthermore, we now have the possibility of having an international career while remaining in the same company.

I find that lately, we have seen a major modernization of the group, we are all moving forward with a common future goal.

Ultimately, for me, it is essential to ensure that all Up Spain staff members are aware that they are in the right place to develop their careers, that they feel part of a large group and that it is they who are the main asset of Group: the people.

Sonia Iturriaga

Customer Service Manager

Sonia Iturriaga Customer Service Manager

After my studies at the University (I have a licenciatura - equ. of a Master - in biology), I first worked in a telephone survey company on a fixed-term contract. I would conduct surveys by phone (telemarketing era), and that's when I was called in for an interview at Chèque Déjeuner. I chose Up Spain because it is a company that belonged to a large group and was socially involved with employees.

In December 2001, I started working at Up Spain on a fixed-term contract, and in March 2002 I finally got an unlimited-term contract.
I started out doing telemarketing in the morning to set appointments for a sales agent; a few months later, I was offered to replace the full-time Assistant to the Managing Director who was going on maternity leave; when she came back, I was put in charge of customer accounts, and then the SAC, Customer Service.

My mission is to make sure that calls and emails are processed very quickly and to the satisfaction of the customer; also, to generate reports and perform the reporting necessary to ensure follow-up.

I have been worked at SAC in Madrid for two years now, I am the one who got this department going, with everything this entails: training the personnel, creating the set of indicators, reporting for business evaluations.
My main project for this year is to create an SAC in Barcelona, similar to the one in Madrid.

I work with a team of 6 people, 3 part-time in the morning and 3 full-time. We are in close contact with all the departments in the company, because we get calls from clients, and are therefore in contact with orders, accounting, issuance, billing and production in order to know the status of incidents and to inform customers. We organize monthly meetings that are very useful to learn about what is being implemented in the other departments and could affect us, because the SAC is at the heart of the company. We represent a key link in communication.

My main challenge in order to achieve my objectives is the human factor, i.e. be able to make sure my team is happy to do what it does, and shows that to the client.

In addition, there are a few tools that we must improve and develop: a Web site for child care, currently being developed, for example allowing them to monitor their payment data in detail.

For me, the change of brand to Up Spain brings more dynamism to the company, a new attitude, new ambitions and a motivation for the team.

Evgenia Dimova

Manager of sustomers support

Evgenia Dimova Manager of sustomers support

Before working for Up Bulgaria, I graduated a Master’s degree and then I did a summer internship for a pharmaceutical company in the USA. I started to work at Up Bulgaria in 2009, in the telemarketing department.

Now, I’m the Manager of Customers Support. I work with a small team of 3 people, and we often get in touch with other departments of the company.
Our mission is to contact customers and take care of them. We try to provide them what they need and solve their problems.

To me, it’s really important to improve more and more the department’s work and to facilitate the work of employees, to create a pleasant atmosphere for my colleagues and of course, to always improve customer service. The main challenge for me is to organize my team and make sure customers are satisfied.

It was important for me to work with an international company with strong human values. I appreciate working in a young team and a company which encourages the personal development of employees while being competitive at the same time, that’s why I was motivated to write my PHD, on which I’m still working today.

Nevena Peteva

Public Sector Director

Nevena Peteva Public Sector Director

After my Master’s degree in Economics, I have been working for clothing companies, in which I was Market Manager. Farther in the years I also graduated International Economics at Technical University and Marketing at MTM College.

Then in 2007, I started to work for Up Bulgaria for the telemarketing department. One year after I joined the company, I was promoted as Manager of the telemarketing team. In 2011, I took the position of Regional Director in Sofia, and in 2012 I became the Public Sector Director.

Daily, I follow information about all new tender offers for food vouchers. With our General Manager, we make the strategy for each important tender offer. I prepare all the documents and make sure that the low is strictly followed by the assignors. The Public Sector is a very important part of our business and due to our good strategy and my precise work, we are leaders with 32% of market share. This represents 22% of the company’s sales.

I started working for Up Bulgaria because I saw an interesting business that was just starting. This is a company I strongly appreciate. I work very close with the management and feel that my work is very important for the company’s growth.