Personal data

In this section you will find information about Up group’s privacy protection policy.

This page provides more information about terms of use when you visit one of our websites. It will also enable you to gain a better understanding of how cookies work, and explains how to set your preferences.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file which may be installed on the hard drive of your device or computer during your first visit. These cookies provide us with information about site traffic and audience, and enable us to adapt our editorial content and identify users when they return to one of our sites for as long as the cookie remains present and valid.

This provides us with valuable understanding of your usage, your preferences and consequently enables us to improve our services daily.

If you have not left any personal information on any one of our sites by filling out a form, for instance, then only cookies make it possible to identify you.

Please note that all our sites are managed independently. You will therefore be identified differently for each site.

Cookies on Up group websites

Only the issuer of a cookie can access the information obtained through the cookie.

When you connect to one of the Up group websites, we may set cookie files on your device or computer hard drive, and for the duration of the cookie’s validity this enables us to identify your browser, track your pages and the duration of your visit.

The cookies we install are used for the purposes described below, subject to your acceptance.

The cookies we set are useful to us for the following purposes:

  • To calculate visitor statistics and traffic volumes, and determine how different parts of our sites are used so as to improve their content and usability.

  • To adjust our websites displays to the settings saved on your device or computer (OS, resolution, language...) during your navigation.

  • To memorize the information entered on one of our sites (registration or login to a personal space), or information regarding products, services or content that you selected during earlier visits, so that we can offer them to you again at a later date.

  • To enable you to access personal areas on our sites using a login and a password or via any other data that you provided to us earlier.

  • To implement security systems (connection to any content or service after a period of inactivity for example).

Cookies issued by third parties.

Cookies may also be set in the advertising sections of the Group Chèque Déjeuner websites. These advertising sections are posted by advertisers and help to finance the contents and services we offer.

Your choices regarding cookies

Several possibilities are available to you for managing cookies. The preferences you set may change your navigation experience on our websites, and consequently the conditions for accessing services requesting cookies.
Please note: if you choose to disable cookies, you may experience reduced functionality or be unable to use certain sites.

At any time, you may use the resources described below to express or modify your choice regarding cookies on your device or computer.

Making your choice through your browser

You can manage cookies using your browser settings, either refusing them systematically or depending on the issuer. You can also configure your browser to enable you to accept or refuse whenever a cookie is going to be stored. These different settings are detailed below.

Accepting cookies

A cookie can only be installed if the computer or device user agrees. You can make this choice and modify it at any time, free of charge, through your browser.
Once you accept cookies on your device or computer, they are stored temporarily on your hard drive in a dedicated section. They can only be accessed by their issuer.

Refusing cookies

If you refuse cookies or delete them, you will probably no longer benefit from content or services which require cookies: connecting to a customized area, language definition, or display of our sites.
As the case may be, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences of reduced functionality relating to content or services.

Browser settings

Cookies and settings are managed differently depending on the browser you use. The process is described in the browser’s Help menu, where you will find information about adjusting cookie settings to your wishes.

«Flash ©» Cookies by «Adobe Flash Player .

«Adobe Flash Player is an application which makes it possible to develop dynamic content rapidly using «Flash ©» language. This application and similar ones save preferences, settings, and contents usage thanks to a technology similar to cookies. "Adobe Flash Player ™" manages this information and your choices from a different interface than that provided by your browser.
To manage your "Adobe Flash Player " preferences, we invite you to go directly to the site

Express your choice online on interbranch professional platforms

You can also check the website Youronlinechoices. This site is offered by the European association EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and is managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France.
You will be able to see which companies are members of this platform, and which of them offer the possibility of accepting or refusing cookies from their sites. This means you will then be able to adapt advertisements that may be displayed on your device or computer to your navigation information:

Please note that this procedure will not in any way prevent the display of advertisements on websites you visit. It will only block technologies that adapt ads to your interests.

Social networks

Certain Up group sites use social networks, including Facebook, operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (hereinafter and collectively referred to as "social networks").

If you interact using plug-ins, for instance by clicking on the "Like" or "Share" button, the information related to your browsing and your network memberships will be transmitted and saved on a server of the Social Network’s operating company, and will be shared as per your relevant account settings, in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Social Network in question.

If you do not want a Social Network to connect the information collected through the Site to the user account of the relevant Social Network, you must disconnect from the Social Network in question before visiting the Site.

In any case, the Social Networks operate these plug-ins or buttons, and their use is exclusively governed by the terms and conditions linking you and the Social network of which you are a member.

Personal data and browsing information

We may adapt the advertising content intended for you to certain elements and information related to your browsing on one of our sites, or to services published by third parties and in which we install cookies.

If you have given us personal information, especially your electronic contact information when registering or when accessing one of our services, we may, subject to your choices, link your browsing information, as qualified by the cookies we install on your hard drive, with your personal data.

This allows us, for instance, to send you electronic surveys or targeted advertising content to your display via advertisements containing cookies that we install.

At any moment you can ask us to no longer receive advertising content or prospecting adapted to your navigation information, by contacting us free of charge and directly, or via the unsubscribe link which is included in all content that we may send you by e-mail. Where relevant, all the advertising content that you might receive, unless otherwise directed by you, would no longer be correlated with your browsing.

Likewise, were we to consider acquiring, from a third party (advertising distributor, targeted advertising provider...), any browsing information from your computer or device that we could connect to the personal data you have given us, we would first ask for your explicit consent before any such linking, and before sending you any advertising content or prospecting that would ensue.

Where appropriate, your explicit consent could consist in checking a box on our services where you are registered, such as "I wish to see or receive advertising content adapted to my browsing as established by partners of the Up group.” »