Business expenses management

To help employers implement a coherent and effective business expence policy, Up group offers easy-to-use and customizable management solutions.

Based on the new possibilities offered by digital technologies and the expertise of the most advanced subsidiaries in this area.


Our solutions are available in several countries in the form of vouchers or payment cards, and cover all areas of professional life while providing your employees with a safe and convenient process. For business assignments (travel, meals, accommodation, taxis...), automobile expenditures (fuel, toll, parking...) or miscellaneous costs (maintaining professional clothing, access badges...), our solutions provide you with effective management for every step in handling your employees’ business expenses.

Fuel costs : they are managed with the fuel card in Mexico or the Petronet card in Turkey.

Travel expenses : they are managed by the travel and e-travel card in Mexico and the Otelnet card in Turkey.

Miscellaneous supplies and expenses the uniformes card available in Mexico streamlines expenditure management for the purchase of professional clothing.

Thanks to these solutions, your employees no longer have to make personal upfront payments for their business expenses, and can therefore do their jobs under the best possible conditions.


To allow businesses to save time and control their spending more closely and transparently, we have implemented simple and customizable solutions linked to secure management platforms. 

In Turkey, the Petronet system is associated with a customer identification device and offers the company the possibility of integrating specific rules, such as a consumption ceiling for the payment card and a number of days of use. it also enables the company to access expenditure details and receive regular reporting.


In Turkey, the subsidiary Multinet launched a platform for online hotel room reservations: Otelnet.