Employee benefits

Combining economic performance with employee development is the challenge faced today by the Human Resources Director. A challenge that includes several major issues: quality of life at work, preventing psycho-social risks, professional equality between men and women, supporting the integration of people with disabilities...

This historic market for Up group includes payment solutions, management tools, and many services which enable employers to improve employee buying power and quality of life. To consolidate its positions, the Group and its subsidiaries have made technological and digital innovation their priority, with the consistent aim of making life more pleasant for businesses and their employees.

For companies and communities: we offer you a set of simple and expert solutions to make life easier for your employees or agents, by offering benefits in the areas of food, culture and human services.


Up group solutions are genuine loyalty and motivation mechanisms that help you implement visible and socially focused action serving your employees’ purchasing power. They enable you to develop a cost-effective and efficient compensation policy and increase your company’s drawing power to attract the best talents - a key success factor for your human resources policy.

Both practical and flexible, our service vouchers are exempt from tax and social charges and can constitute leverage in wage negotiations by enabling you to adjust your participation at any time (in value and/or number of vouchers). 

In a process of continuous innovation, we offer our solutions in the form of vouchers, cards, mobile applications, and management is made easy thanks to efficient and secure on-line platforms.

In France, the  Appli ce solution is a platform that is easy to use, customized and 100% online, supporting the overall management of your Works CouncilIt provides an access for steering and organizing their social and cultural policy (integrated accounting software, complete management application, complete information magazine...).. 

In the Czech Republic, the online platform GALLERY BETA provides acces to a wide range of electronic paper-based solutions to meet the individual needs of employees.

In Turkey, with  Multinet’ s  launch  of  the  first meal card with contactless payment and of the first  community  platform,  Restonot,  limited  to its users.
In Poland, with the “Bonus Opencard” lunch card and its loyalty  program,  are available for the users.

In Belgium, with the digital solution “eco-voucher” offer a payment voucher for buying products and services that are environmentally focused.



The Chèque Déjeuner meal voucher is the group’s flagship product, and is available in the majority our countries of operation. This solution provides your employees with healthy and varied nutrition at attractive prices. By offering your employees convenience and sociability, you are creating a pleasant working environment, strengthening bonds within the teams and stimulating performance at work.

Food services : Chèque Gourmet in Spain, Aqua in Slovakia, Restonet in Turkey OR the Meal Card in Mexico are all a way of improving nutrition for employees in their daily lives.


To support your employees in their daily lives, we offer solutions that facilitate work-family life balance. In France, the CESU home services voucher, and its electronic version (the e-CESU home services) are a way of paying for personal services provided in the home, and for childcare services outside the home. 

In Brazil with the acquisition of  Plan Vale, Vale Mais and Policard, the beneficiaries can  have new activities such as payday loans and services addressing unbanked populations.

We also offer more targeted solutions to meet specific needs.

Education: the Educainfantil voucher (Spain), the Baby/nursery voucher (Romania) AND the Aluno voucher (Portugal) support parents in childcare and education.

Culture and leisure : the Culture voucher and the Scène et Sortie (shows and outings), the Educadhoc voucher in Spain, the Holiday voucher in Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic...


All our payment instruments are redeemable in a vast network of affiliated providers. Thanks to these products, your employees feel supported in their daily lives and feel that their specific needs are taken into consideration, which improves their focus and performance at work!

Le Chèque Lire en vidéo

With the reading voucher, reading take to the street!

Cadhoc en vidéo

Cadhoc plays its best card!