Merchant Services

With the democratization of cell phones and the development of e-commerce, a new space for communication and business is emerging between consumers, retailers and their suppliers. This will soon enable retailers to enhance real-time sales offers, develop customer acquisition and loyalty programs, as well as benefit from online services that will make everyday life easier.

To enable retailers and restaurateurs to use this new space, Up group is developing new digital tools that are accessible to everyone including the smallest businesses. These tools will gradually be integrated into the new range of services that the group now intends to offer retailers. Based on the relationship of trust established in over 50 years with its affiliate retailers, the group now wants to support them in the process of digital transition and help them take advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered by the digital world.

In Italy thanks to an e-commerce platform for restaurant owners, Day Market. This online platform allows affiliates to find out about good deals and preferential prices on food and non-food products. Restaurant owners can order from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, pay for their purchases with different payment systems (credit cards, Paypal, meal vouchers) and have everything delivered directly in their store. Up group also offer a mobile anti waste application, LastMinuteSottoCasa. Using  a  smartphone  application,  this  initiative enables  neighborhood  retailers  to  send  out their  last  minute  offers  to  nearby  users  who can  place  orders  and  have  their  purchases delivered  to  their  homes.