Public and social programs

In a context of budgetary constraints, Governments and communities must reconcile the need to assist populations and the optimization of public expenditure.
Up group designs tailor-made solutions to modernize the social welfare sector, make citizen's life easier, promote health aid, and more generally to accompany the implementation of all public policies.

As the leader in this market in France, the group has been at the forefront of major technological advances: dematerialized payment systems, platforms for healthcare professionals and social action professionals …


In all these areas, we are working with strong partners:

-communities and public services,
-social organizations / mutual societies / supplementary pension funds...
-home-based care and support organizations,
-health and welfare institutions.

We offer payment vouchers and dedicated software. Our payment vouchers can be customized or dedicated to a specific form of legal aid.

The user, the end user, is the foundation of our development. Our goal is to simplify the process for the end user and ensure the efficiency and reliability of the information systems. 


Our solutions are available in paper or electronic form, and enable communities to allocate aid to specific populations by giving access to a wide range of goods and services. Both practical and flexible, these solutions allow the beneficiary to purchase basic goods and services, or have access to culture and leisure activities at a lower cost.

Social aid : service vouchers in France and Romania, Day Welfare in Italy Chèque Domicile for home services in France and social aid cards in Mexicore supplementary means of payment that enable the poorest populations to purchase essential goods and services.

Up group is the leader in France for digitized social action processes, offering remote management tools and software that facilitate management of administrative and financial solidarity programs and optimize coordination of services. 

Info.DB for departmental councils, Implicit for communal Social Action centers, Apologic for home services organizations: our solutions are modernizing the financial and administrative management of the Social Action market.

Thanks to the Domatel solution, we are contributing to the modernization of the personal services industry. Domatel Mobile offers real-time home services monitoring, making life easier for stakeholders and ensuring that users are receiving high quality service.


The Arcan solution specializes in computerizing medical-welfare entities (hospitalization in the home, facilities for the disabled), designing and implementing advanced solutions that combine business applications and new technologies to optimize patient management in the home or in institutions, as well as to simplify administrative management and promote exchanges between professionals in the sector.

To improve information sharing and care coordination, Arcan offers application solutions that revolve around the patient and his care pathway or the resident and his/her life plan. These solutions integrate all business processes related to medical-welfare action and provide users with all the benefits of a collaborative web environment.
Delivered in SaaS mode, they use innovative technologies to facilitate the daily lives of health professionals and maximize user support.

AtHome, in-home care ERP designed for at home care institutions and nursing care services (CSI, SSIAD)

D3i+, management software package for specialized care establishments (facilities for the disabled, MECS...)

Discover the solutions proposed to Arcan:

Alios, a subsidiary specialised in the manufacture of cards, delivered nearly 70 000 customized cards for the staff of the World Health Organization (WHO).The international institution wanted to provide all its employees with a health insurance card, employees who are dispersed between the headquarters in Geneva and some 156 countries where the WHO has a representation.The Normandy branch of Up group was designated as the prime contractor for this project, managing the entire production process from specifications to packing for shipping. These cards all have a hologram that makes them tamper-proof.


To provide answers to targeted audiences (seniors, students, people who are isolated or vulnerable...) or to encourage civic initiatives, we offer communities specific solutions for promoting their social, cultural and educational or sustainable development policies.

Fid Park, a loyalty solution coupled with a solution for parking or transportation, enables easy down-town access thereby encouraging shopping at local businesses.

Access to culture and leisure activities : Cultura and Educadhoc vouchers in Spain, the Scènes et Sorties card in France give specific populations access to cultural and leisure activities.

The Daily Life card optimizes the management of municipal services.

Up group proposed its Cohésia solution to the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII), in order to meet the institution’s with to deliver a cash withdrawal card to asylum-seekers,

The card imagined for the OFII is a multi-purpose payment solution based on new services. It can be used for withdrawals from bank ATMs, but also at retailers equipped with a bank payment terminal. A system of sub-accounts can assign amounts by type of use: cash withdrawals, food purchases...



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